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Ca' del Brado
98 ratings
Ca' del Brado

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Post author: Kaukomieli
7 months ago
Viinimäistä olutta. Todella hyvä

Post author: Patricebru
7 months ago
pas certain que ce soit la même, mais celle que j'ai bue en pression est au piment naga et bubblegum, elle arrache vraiment

Post author: Quentin M
Quentin M
7 months ago
Très bonne bière pas trop acide on sent bien les cerises le tout est bien équilibré bref bonne bière

Post author: Wil N
Wil N
@ Oak
8 months ago
Sour barriquée équilibrée .

Post author: WexiLahti
@ Open Baladin Roma
10 months ago
Wife's choice. Misty, deep gold beer with moderate carbonation kicks out a solid, silky head that falls short of one finger. Peach is obvious in the air. It's followed by sweeter nectarine, a bit of orange zest and modest brettanomyces. The taste profile is like a combination of Lambic and Fruited Sour Ale. Peach comes first also on the tongue. Orange, nectarine, lemon and passionfruit escort the palette, maybe also sour apple. The body is surprisingly light. Yet, this is 7.4 %. The finish is peachy and refreshing citrusy. Apple gets a new friend of raw gooseberry. Brett is even more intensive in the finish. The aftertaste keeps the tastebuds busy for a while. The mouthfeel is thin to light, tart, reasonably puckering, slightly acidic and moderately funky. It's zesty, refreshing, dry, drying and zippy.

Post author: Tuska
@ Explosive Bar (Pommi)
11 months ago
Vuosimallia 2017 ja kypsytetty noin miljoonassa eri tynnyrissä. Good shit