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Itchen Valley Brewery
40 arviota
Itchen Valley Brewery

Onko tämä sinun panimo?
Rekisteröi panimosi ilmaiseksi ja hallitse panimosi tietoja Pint Pleasessa.
Rekisteröi panimo


Post author: Tom J
Tom J
@ Sainsbury's
3 years ago
Rich and fruity. Not very bitter at all. Quite aromatic.

Post author: Cufty S
Cufty S
@ Pages
3 years ago
Maris otter malts, Crystal malt, Oat malt, chocolate malt. Its not bad. I could have a few.

Post author: Mick Downs
Mick Downs
3 years ago
Yes, it's a gimmicky name (which still had me tittering like a schoolboy), but this is a 'real' real ale. Itchen M'baubels is for life, not just for Christmas. Now, where did I put that irritable-skin cream....