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Brouwerij Huyghe
27147 arviota
Brouwerij Huyghe
Melle, Belgium

Huyghe Brewery is one of Belgium’s renowned brewers that focuses on speciality Beers and Premium Brands. Huyghe Brewery is the proud owner of the Delirium brand, Averbode abbey beer, La guillotine Gold Blond multigrain, Mongozo gluten free beer and many more. We focus on quality products and we strongly believe in renewable energy and corporate social responsibility. Which led us to be the Most Sustainable Belgium Family Brewer. Today, Delirium is served and enjoyed all over the world. And we believe that the Pink Elephant will keep on growing!

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Post author: Risukka
9 hours ago
Melko raikas, belgihiivanen. Hennon hedelmäinen, kuohkee.

Post author: Lmpr07
@ Super U
12 hours ago
Assez mauvaise trop acide des notes trop légère de fruit, je préfère la pélican rouge dans ça catégorie. Ne vaut pas son prix très déçu.

Post author:  Sullivan
@ Mouton électrique
14 hours ago