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Cerebral Brewing
32 ratings
Cerebral Brewing
Denver, United States

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Post author: Blaine970
@ Fish's Liqour
2 months ago

Post author: Grey
3 years ago
From Denver, CO, USA, arrived another new brewery to me. Cerebral Brewing! BEER: Secale Rye Barrel Aged Safe Word (2020) BREWERY: Cerebral Brewing BEER STYLE: Imperial Stout (San Luis Valley Rye Whiskey BA) COUNTRY: USA ABV.: 13.2% COLOUR (EBC): Cola Black (75.0) BITTERS (EBU/IBU): - AROMA: Rye bready. Boozy and thrilling. HEAD: Tight. Fights to reach a one finger height. Pretty tight and brown sugary. Nice one. GREY’S VIEW Belize Cacao Nibs, Cassia Bark & Toasted Coconut flavoured Imperial Stout aged 19 months in Rye Barrels. First sip doesn’t even...I mean...the flavours are...or...well...*stupefied*...It’s... it’s absolutely incredible. Thick in molasses, lots of that Belizean Cacao to play around (them being floral, sugary, semi sweet and purely agile chocolaty) and then hits the mouthfeel 💥 I mean. It’s thick and black as the beer which is served to gods and dominas in the underworld! Slow as the time spent in the torture table and sweet as the result after the night well spent, god dammit! It likes to dance there on the rope with the sweetness, with that low level of carbonation and all. That filthy goddess! That filthy being! Aftertaste offers some lip gluing brown sugars (those drrrty sugarssh), whip snap of liquorice and continuous amount of sweetened flowers. OTHER NOTES: Naaassty! And spandeeexy! Yay! *bedroom eyes/* You should take this safe word to you when you like to have that *special” kind of ”fun-fun” time in the ”no-no room” with the ”sugar pie of that ””extra special no-no-time”” occation”. */bedroom eyes* Yeeah 👌🏼 BOTTLED 10/2020 TASTED 3/2021

Post author: Roust'
3 years ago
Bu au bar avec Babtoo 06/02/2021.. Bien passé