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Kulmbacher Brauerei (Schörghuber)
9057 ratings
Kulmbacher Brauerei (Schörghuber)

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Post author: James Š
James Š
@ A Hoppy Place
13 hours ago
Aromas of toasted bread crust, treacle and fig. Fig and raisins and lots of molasses in the flavour profile. Mouthfeel is clean like a lager but heavy like an imperial stout. Making it very drinkable. Some residual sweetness but not overpowering. Same with the alcohol warmth which is just about right. Not too dissimilar to a Doppelbock, maybe a tad more concentrated.

Post author: Александр
6 days ago
Приятный келлер. Зерновой, с лёгкой кислинкой и типичной пыльностью. Вкусно. Nice kellerbier. Grainy, with slight sourness and typical dustiness. Tasty.