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Terza Rima
101 ratings
Terza Rima

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Post author: Massimo A
Massimo A
9 months ago

Post author: VilleVVV
@ Conad Viale di Trastevere
9 months ago
Punainen, toffeemainen, jostain tulevat mieleen britti-strong alet -kuten niin usein italialaisilla. Mallasta on, maalaisrouheutta, selkeä makeus jota suht' kova humalointi ei tasapainota. Yllättävän raikas silti, vaikka hiivatkin mukana. Jälkimaku aika laila olematon. Tämä ei ollut minun tyyppiseni olut... Edit ps. On tämä pieni maa tämä Italia, kun Vexilahti näyttää ostaneen tätä olutta samasta kaupasta kuin minäkin. Ei toki samaan aikaan.

Post author: Davon
@ Cora Rocourt
9 months ago

Post author: WexiLahti
@ Conad Viale di Trastevere
10 months ago
Another Red Ale. Because 🇮🇹. Fills the glass turbid, sludgy brown. Neat... Oppressed carbonation unlocks a beige cotton head that finds itself at one finger's height. The dense lacing evidences long retention. The nose enjoys raisin, prune and biscuit malt that dance in harmony. A caramelly note can't be missed here either. The gustatory segment serves caramel malt, raisin, prune and a whisper of plum skin. I can additionally pick blackcurrant and a drop of black tea. Interesting. The components play quite well together. The body is medium or medium plus. The finish continues unchanged from upfront. I can't recognize any difference whatsoever. The mouthfeel is relatively soft, smooth, medium-full, slightly crisp and lip-glueing. Much more character than in my earlier Red Ale today. Considerably more palatable. The bottle is fancy.