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Talerock Brewing
461 ratings
Talerock Brewing
Järvenpää, Finland

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Post author: Osmo S
Osmo S
@ Talerock Brewing
6 hours ago
Mainio sahti. Maukas, maltainen, pehmeä.

Post author: WexiLahti
@ Talerock Brewing
11 hours ago
Sahti time! 🍺👍🏻 Made in Järvenpää. The Sahti has deepened its color considerably since I photographed this for the profile. It was massively turbid tawny. Now the yeast has settled to the bottom, and the color is cloudy brown. Rye malt plays its part. A cute subdued tawny lace ring emerges on the top and wafts there for a while. The scent offers a good amount of banana, rye flour, a smaller amendment of unfinished wort, a bit of bun and a wisp of clove. Quite nice, classical fragrance. The flavors include banana, light-sweet bun and a bit of orange peel. Rye malt is soft and actually moderately sweet-leaning. Juniper brings in a husky element to the package. There's also a marginal sourish hint in the shadows, as if fruity citrus. Nevertheless, I don't spot any wortiness in the palate, which would reveal that it's still raw. This is now fully ready to drink. The body is medium. Not full, not thin. The finish doesn't really deviate from the beaten track, maybe rye flour and citrus raise their heads a bit. Alcohol is neatly camouflaged but can be felt at the very end as a slightly warming sensation in the throat. The mouthfeel is medium, soft, smooth, rustic and faintly warming towards the end. Even summery and dangerously quaffable. Quite classical though. I guess this will still evolve and become a bit fuller and even softer. Thanks for the sample! 🙏🏻 Good work! I hope the brewery produces Sahti also in the future!

Post author: muikku3
@ Talerock Brewing
2 days ago
Paikalliselta Talerockilta Doppel Bockia mikä sopii loistavasti jouluun ja joulun odotukseen.(Myös toki saunan jälkeen niin kuin nyt 😅) Tätä on varmaan tässä yhteensä tullut jo "jokunen litra" naatiskeltua panimolla pyörähtäessä ja nyt kotona😋🍺. Tämä Bocki on mukavan kepeähkö 8.3%. Ei silti yhtään liian laiha rungoltaan kuiteskaan,ehkäpä tyyliin nähden hyvinkin keskelle laittava.Juotavuus se on huipussaan tässä kyllä🤪. Todella pehmeätä ja runsaan maltaisaa makua tarjoaa.Hieman karamellista sekä mukavan leipäisää tatsia myös.Ehkäpä pientä humalankin läsnäoloa tästä voi havaita🤔.

Post author: Clarkson
@ Kotikylä
3 days ago
Sitrusta, greippiä, mandariinia, humalaa. Siitä näkkyy olevan hyvä IPA tehty. Tosi hyvin maistui potkupalloa katsellessa.

Post author: WexiLahti
@ Talerock Brewing
5 days ago
A quick visit to Talerock Brewing today. Thanks, muikku3, for the introduction! 🙏🏻 Nice chatting with the brewer himself. Got a couple of growlers for tasting: this Doppelbock and a Sahti that I will check out next weekend. Alright. Let's see how the beer looks like: the color is semihazy, dark amber with a crimson hue. Carbonation is moderate. A restrained creamy lace ring falls short of one finger and dies hastily to zero. The scent is astonishingly oppressed with very subtle caramel malt hovering in the air. I can't pick anything else. The taste profile is soft and gentle: I can spot caramel malt and raisin, a whisper of dried apricot, why not also a hint of date. Alcohol is really moderate, wellnigh camouflaged. Hop bitterness is more or less absent. Sweetness is controlled. The body is light. The ABV could merit a bigger body but, on the other hand, the lightness of the body in combination with the ABV of 8.3 % keeps alcohol surprisingly beautifully hidden. Makes this very easy to drink. The finish is fairly short-lived, with hop bitterness trying to crawl in at the expense of maltiness that, nevertheless, endures firmly. The mouthfeel is light, soft, gentle and smooth. It's quite simple but dangerously gulpable as well as slightly lip-glueing. This beer is not yet available, hence it may turn out a bit different when eventually brought for sale. The level of carbonation is, of course, a matter of one's liking: for me, this works very well as it is. This could even work nicely as a real ale. Good stuff, thanks for the sample!

Post author: Kimmo M
Kimmo M
@ Deli Baker's Lohja
6 days ago

Post author: Jokkeri76
@ Talerock Brewing
7 days ago
Kahvin korvikkeeksi tälläistä. Tuoksu on paahteinen, kahvinen sekä liköörimäinen. Paahteinen, suklaa kahvi on tulee ensipuraisusta mieleen. Suullisen edetessä se mauste likööri tulee esiin. Jälkimakuna on paahteisen kahvinen jossa hiukkasen liköörimäistä maustetta mukana. Uneksinko vai pettääkö makuaistit nyt… Todella kevyt stout. Normi stouttina liian kevyt, mut kauppavahvuiseksi ihan Ok olunen. Kevyt ja liukas kahvin korvike, joka ei ole myös vahvuudella siunattu. PP 09.12.21 PE 12/22