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wide street brewing
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wide street brewing

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Post author: DonPeyote
1 year ago
Cerveza alejada en barriles de chardonnay que le da un toque muy a sidra. Suave y alejada de un buen cuerpo.

Post author: Mark S
Mark S
2 years ago
Poured very well, and left a body of hazy straw yellow with trace white head. Colour seems unusual for a pilsner but the can says it is unfiltered and unpasteurised. Scent is strong with barley and wheat, faint banana and leaves a grassy finish in the nostrils. Mouthfeel is heavy, foamy and dry. The taste is remarkably wheaty, with a slight pepper or coriander finish. Quite alot going on in this beer and I'm unsure if I like it but I definitely want to try it again. Not a hint of a hop profile.

Post author: PaddyP
2 years ago
Nice for a Pilsner, on first taste it was bitter, fruity.

Post author: Phil0
@ Caribou
5 years ago
Refreshing sour white beer. Great on a warm day