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Brasserie Lefebvre
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Brasserie Lefebvre
Rebecq, Belgium

The Brasserie Lefebvre (Lefebvre Brewery) is present on the Belgian and foreign markets. It offers a rich assortment of products, various flavours and packaging all with the aim of optimum customer satisfaction. It has been an independent, family-run brewery since 1876. The fifth and sixth generations head up an inheritance which is constantly being adjusted to ensure that technology is in the service of tradition. Member of the Belgian Family Brewers.

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Post author: Le grand Cric
Le grand Cric
@ Noz Nieppe
2 days ago
Elle est vachement bonne

Post author: Cé
3 days ago
Un peu sucré, douce et fruitée

Post author: Johannes R
Johannes R
7 days ago
Fantastiskt tripel med mycket djupgående smak och beska!

Post author: Tomppa J
Tomppa J
7 days ago
Ruskea, vaahto jättää kauniin pitsin lasiin. Pehmeää, miellyttävää, maistuvaa. Mallas halitsee, humala jää tuhdin rungon alle piiloon.