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Cidrerie Château Lézergué
24 ratings
Cidrerie Château Lézergué

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Post author: AtomicDucks
@ Maison au cœur du Massif du Sancy
3 months ago
750ml green glass; pours a crystal clear light amber, white dense bubbles,gentle carbonation; on the nose clean funk, complex hints of farmyard and horse blanket, followed by ripe apples, overripe apple flesh and orchard floor, clean citrusy notes round aromas off; in the mouth refreshingly gentle balance of stewed apples and citrus acidity, carbonations carried flavours of cooked apple sweetness and lemons drops, medium bodied with a slightly lingering finish which reminds of aniseed and fennel perhaps, definitely green and herbal - damn, the French know how to make cider! This is a fantastic example of Cidre de Bretagne, it’s clean yet complex both in aroma and flavour and makes you want to open another bottle!

Post author: Léandre
9 months ago
Depuis quand je bois du cidre ? C’est sucré comme pas deux, servit dans un verre a bière pelforth, c’est quoi ce merdier. Et je parle pas du serveur qui a déjà cassé 3 trucs, oublié au moins autant de commandes et mis 30 minutes a servir