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Black Iris Brewery
481 arviota
Black Iris Brewery

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Post author: Andy T
Andy T
@ Black Iris brewery
1 day ago
Light hoppy American pale ale

Post author: Mrratch
@ Black Iris brewery
2 months ago
Nice to finally get to the black iris taproom. Nice cask ale

Post author: Jericho
@ Port Street Beer House
3 months ago
A light pale ale with a hoppy aroma and a slight bitter aftertaste. Juicy and refreshing.

Post author: Karl G
Karl G
@ Chesterfield Arms
3 months ago
This was fine but not as good as a can version.

Post author: Darren W
Darren W
@ Black Iris brewery
4 months ago
The definition of a danger beer!

Post author: Lee W
Lee W
@ Black Iris brewery
4 months ago
What a beer!!!!!!! For a 9% beer to be this flavoursome, honestly it's an unbelievable beer. At first there's booziness and warmth but you quickly adjust to it. This is a proper danger beer - it does not taste like a 9% beer. Beautiful fruity flavour and body with some dry and bitterness but not much at all. I've had 6 and 7%beers taste more boozy tbh. Absolutely MUST try!