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JJ's Craft Brewing
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JJ's Craft Brewing

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Post author: Marko Koo
Marko Koo
1 year ago
Nice and rich stout.

Post author: Paul S
Paul S
@ Home
2 years ago
Bit of a strange one, an Irish twist to a pilsner style. Not as crisp as normal pilsners but more earthy than normal. Not bad

Post author: este
@ Home Bargains
2 years ago
I'm trying to catch up 😂😂😂 So this is beer from 2days ago... Beer #8 from Advent Calendar 😁🍺 It's very interesting version of Pilsner Lager made by Irish Brewery 😉🍀 Beautiful aroma of malty notes, even spices too. The same with taste, slightly pilsner notes on the background. Also this beer is not pure clear like pilsner is but this fact is ok with me becouse I love hazy beer. Another point is bitterness and I love this moment that it's more than typical lager... BOOM! CHEERS MY FELLAS

Post author: Mickyp75
@ Potts family Bar
2 years ago
More of a bitter than an ale

Post author: Beer Pong
Beer Pong
@ The Galley
2 years ago
Pretty decent IPA. Nice mouthfeel. Nice hop bitterness too.