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OddSide Ales
23 ratings
OddSide Ales
United States

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Post author: Edgeworth
@ Thirsty Peret
9 months ago
Enjoying beer with family in Texas. Trying all kinds of new brews. Dark brown color. Aroma has obvious peppers along with sweet malt. Taste is really complex. First is the habaneros bringing a furious pepper, immediately followed by bourbon, nutmeg, cinnamon, and a strong European chocolate. Never found the barrel aging. The peppers burn the palate in a wonderful manner. Finish expels all but light habaneros and gentle chocolate. This is a fantastic surprise. A rare treat that gets better as it is experienced. Came close, if I wasn't sharing this, it may have hit the top.

Post author: Ewiq
@ Beerdome
2 years ago
Tässä on erittäin hyvä esimerkki ettei Adjunct-oluita kannata pahemmin kypsyttää. Pullotettu 09/2018. Siinä missä edellisen kerran tämä hasselpähkinäherkku oli aivan ihana: ”Heti pullon avattua hasselpähkinä alkoi tuoksumaan todella ihanan voimakkaalta. Jos vaan pitää pähkinöistä, kuten mä, tuoksu kyllä miellyttää. Lisäksi vaniljaa, kahvia, suklaata, lämmittävää viskiä, mutta kyllä se hasselpähkinä on se the juttu tässä. 😍 Aikasta täydellinen nekkuherkku.” Nyt noin kaksi vuotta myöhemmin, kaikki on niin mietona esillä. Ei ole nekkuherkku enää. 😥 Maku on ihan ok, mutta ei tämä nyt oikein silti lähde. Pöh. Pidän silti pisteet samana, koska ei se ole oluen vika tällä kertaa.

Post author: Tuomas S
Tuomas S
@ Beerdome
3 years ago
Untappd 4,30 ja yli 21k arviota. Odotuksia on. Todella pähkinäinen. Hasselpähkinää paljon, suklainen ja viskinen. Bourbonin aromia ei ole tosiaan säästelty. Runko hieman ohut, mutta ei häiritsevästi. Makua hurjasti.

Post author: WexiLahti
@ Beerdome
3 years ago
Time for a dessert. The beer pours oily, pitch black. The tame carbonation builds a chocolatey, minuscule-bubbled head that barely reaches half a finger's height. The foam dissipates to frazil-icy lace seams on the surface. A few tiny downpouring patterns cling tightly onto the glass. The scent emits overwhelming hazelnut that whirls with powerful milk chocolate, cacao nibs, mudcake and a tad brownie. Overall, it's like a combination of peanut butter and nutella. Quite promising at this stage. The tastebuds crave for the first sip. The palate offers a reasonable amount of hazelnut, loads of dark chocolate and a shy note of vanilla that crawls in discreetly. Even though the palette is truly sweet and thick, it can't camouflage the massive Bourbon that brings in a boozy and substantially warming impression. Furthermore, I find less prominent injections of peanut butter and mudcake as well as a tiny dollop of espresso lurking in the shadows. Wow! This is delicious, yet I can also imagine that the booziness may deter some people away from this. For me, this works nicely. 🖤🖤🖤 The body is really robust. The first wave of aftertaste serves hefty dark chocolate, some cacao nibs, a bit of mocha and a handful of crushed hazelnuts. I can also detect a tad brownie. The second wave follows right thereafter and lingers long on the taste receptors. That wave offers a generous punch of Bourbon, accompanied by a wet whisky barrel. Still gorgeous! The mouthfeel is robust, thick, quite oily and slightly creamy. It's also sticky, lip-glueing and substantially desserty. Furthermore, the mouthfeel is noticeably boozy, strong and simultaneously also attractively warming. Overall, nicely deep, rich, reasonably complex. NOTE: The barcode leads to Odd Side's "Grandpa's Apple Pie". NOTE 2: My bottle says its 12.1 %.

Post author: Jason K
Jason K
3 years ago
Wife bought for Christmas gift while we were in Michigan.