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Boubon Barrel Aged Imperial Mayan 11.0%, OddSide Ales, United States
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Boubon Barrel Aged Imperial Mayan
11.0% Imperial Flavoured Stout / Imperial Pastry Stout
Inspired by Mexican hot chocolate. It is carefully blended with Dutch Chocolate coffee, cinnamon, nutmeg and habaneros which will leave you with the perfect balance of chocolate and heat.
Barrel aged


Post author: Edgeworth
@ Thirsty Peret
2 years ago
Boubon Barrel Aged Imperial Mayan, United States
Enjoying beer with family in Texas. Trying all kinds of new brews. Dark brown color. Aroma has obvious peppers along with sweet malt. Taste is really complex. First is the habaneros bringing a furious pepper, immediately followed by bourbon, nutmeg, cinnamon, and a strong European chocolate. Never found the barrel aging. The peppers burn the palate in a wonderful manner. Finish expels all but light habaneros and gentle chocolate. This is a fantastic surprise. A rare treat that gets better as it is experienced. Came close, if I wasn't sharing this, it may have hit the top.