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Charlie Wells
5584 ratings
Charlie Wells

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Post author: Beer Pong
Beer Pong
@ The Galley
1 day ago
Another fair to middling bitter. Not horrible.

Post author: HannuK
3 days ago
Tummaa ja suklaista, hieman savuista. Maltillisesti prosentteja, joten tätä ihanuutta voi nautiskella useammankin lasillisen illan aikana eikä aamulla ole huono olo.

Post author: Carcue
@ irlandes
12 days ago
stout clasica aterciopelada muy agradable. Nada alcoholica solo 5°, sin predominar ni cafe, chocolate o torrefacta. Estilo londres, burbuja fina. Si no la ves, no parece negra.

Post author: JoeyK
14 days ago
It may lack the golden glow of a Tennent’s but this is in a league of its own. A middle tier league but a league nonetheless. Filled with dark aromas and a unique aftertaste, this may not be food for the soul, but it might satisfy it for a brief moment. Perfect for a Tuesday night 🍺