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Revolver Brewing
55 ratings
Revolver Brewing
Granbury, United States

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Post author: Manguls
@ Dallas
1 month ago
Perfektes Bier für die Dallas Cowboys

Post author: Beersnob11
@ Brewery
6 months ago
Delicious a bit cinnamony

Post author: K-Mikko
@ The ginger man
1 year ago
Aika mukava Ale!

Post author: Edgeworth
@ Thirsty Peret
2 years ago
In Texas with family having another Revolver Brewing Texas beer. Had this on tap at the San Antonio Beer festival. That was a day filled with lots of beer and it was toward the end so I'll rate it again today. Had a decent head but disappeared. Color is a translucent cola brown. Aroma is a very earthy and rustic malt. Light texture. Flavor brings a deep hearty Amber with woodsy characteristics. Slight bittersweet at the beginning turning more bitter and dry through the finish.