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Devil's Milk, DuClaw Brewing Company, United States
3 ratings
Devil's Milk
Barley Wine


Post author: Stéphane M
Stéphane M
6 years ago
Une barley wine à 10 %, dotée d'une belle robe châtain flamboyant et ornée d'une couronne de mousse persistante. De nombreuses fines bulles stationnaires agrémentent le tout. Le nez est fin et délicat à la fois floral, vert et fruité mais le goût est davantage caractéristique d'une barley wine. Caramel, prune, toffee avec l'amertume de houblons secs. Du caractère.

Post author: Mr X
Mr X
6 years ago
Devil's Milk, United States
Happy Friday. I have to start this as I've never had a barleywine style beer. I've always wanted to try but just never bought as I didn't know if I'd like or what the style s/b like. All I know is they have high abv values. I'm going to google the style after I taste this one to research. All the beers I've had & never ventured to this style before. With this one first sip was a strong caramel/toffee malt taste. As I got further in some of the hop bitterness kicked in. I pick up some orange, dark fruit like plums mostly, some floral hops. Overall it tastes more malty than hoppy but had a nice hop presence. A little boozy as expected I'm giving it a 3.5 but being a barleywine virgin take that with a grain of salt. I'm glad I finally tried and enjoyed my very first barleywine.