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Rebellion Amber 4.3%, Rebellion Beer, England
4 ratings
Rebellion Amber
4.3% Red Ale / Amber Ale
Strength: 4.3% Available: Spring - March - May Amber & Malty A malt forward and full bodied best bitter with biscuit and caramel notes. Rich Amber in colour with classic a British hop character.


Post author: Ted D
Ted D
@ Les furieux
5 years ago
Rebellion Amber, England

Post author: David A
David A
5 years ago

Post author: Tom J
Tom J
5 years ago
Rebellion Amber, England
Malty and amazingly nutty. It genuinely leaves a lasting roasted nut aftertaste. Pre-dinner nibbles in liquid form. I'm sure it would appeal strongly to some. A tad too strong for me though.

Post author: Tommy R
Tommy R
5 years ago