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Contradiction 6.0%, Powell Street Craft Brewery, Canada
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Hallertau Blanc Dry Hopped Dark Sour


Post author: Gordzilla
@ Liquor Plus
6 years ago
Contradiction, Canada
I've always been a fan of thing that are odd. But not beer until recently. When I read the label it promised to be weird. It said it pours like a stout, has the aroma of an American IPA, and a taste that is juicy and sour. Well it certainly pours like a stout. Almost opaque dark brown that lets only a very little light pass through on the thinnest part. It foams well but makes no head. The initial assault on the nose is fresh picked raw lupulin. Fresh squeezed hops. After it rests a moment all manner of oddity breaks loose from this thing. Purple grape juice, blackberry, plum, raisin, tar, burnt coffee, roast something, black cherry, mango or some other tropical fruit, and port wine. That may sound gross but it's not. It's really just confusing. It is equally confusing on the palate. First sip brings sour cherry, sour plum, sour, blackberry, and cheap red wine. Next sip reveals fresh grassy hops. Floral and leafy but hard to get a good taste due to the hops.there may be a hint if spiciness from them as well. After a good mouthful I start to notice coffee, chocolate and some dark roasty notes. Aftertaste is of sour, then stout then fresh hops. Truly bizarre and tasty.