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Society & Solitude #6 8.0%, Hill Farmstead Brewery, United States
3 ratings
Society & Solitude #6
8.0% Imperial IPA / Double IPA
Imperial Pale Ale brewed almost exclusively with Mosaic hops from the Pacific Northwest.


Post author: Grey
@ Hill Farmstead Brewery
2 years ago
Society & Solitude #6, United States
BEER: Society & Solitude #6 BREWERY: Hill Farmstead Brewery BEER STYLE: DIPA COUNTRY: USA ABV.: 8.0% COLOUR (EBC): Peach Orange (19.0) BITTERS (EBU/IBU): - AROMA: Sticky mosaicy, yammy. HEAD: One finger tall, tight and creamy. GREY’S VIEW Mosaic hopped DIPA. Looks like I’ve been missing Mosaic like crazy! It’s so lovely! Sticky fruity; ripey, softened pineapples, bucket loads of mandarin oranges and is there also some black pepper? Of course that dank, ripe being there in the end with dry sugarcane, feel of forest and dark berries rests this case. Body is sticky, speedy enough anyway. Bubbles are lazy and creamy. OTHER NOTES: Massive single hop-ish DIPA. I think there might be some Zappa hop in this blend, giving some pepper and supporting Mosaic very pleasantly. CANNED 13/7/2021 TASTED 13/8/2021

Post author: IPAli
@ Tilt Craft Beer
6 years ago
Huge shoutout to Dave at Tilt for the can share on this one. I had huge expectations for a beer from Ratebeer’s best rated brewery in the world. According to Dave, this is one of their core range beers and this shows just what kind of level these guys are on. Massive tropical fruits, as expected, but these quickly dissipate to a mellow, smooth finish. Not much lingers, apart from the familiar mosaic aftertaste, which is like a warming hug. Fantastic stuff but not as incredible as I expected. Undoubted their more select and limited beers are even better. Cheers Dave! 🍻