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Golden Road Hefeweizen 4.6%, Golden Road Brewing, United States
4 ratings
Golden Road Hefeweizen
4.6% Hefeweizen
Golden Road Hefeweizen was brewed with a Californian twist — the addition of dried, locally grown, organic citrus to a Bavarian classic. After the initial banana and clove, expect tart citrus, a medium body and a dry finish that will leave you thinking about that next sip.
IBU: 15


Post author: Mr X
Mr X
@ Baseline Tap House
4 months ago
Golden Road Hefeweizen, United States
Has a lot of banana with clove. It’s pretty decent for a local beer to here. Doesn’t have that off putting taste some American hefe’s have.

Post author: Dani L
Dani L
3 years ago

Post author: imasixer
6 years ago

Post author: Sami L
Sami L
6 years ago