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West Floridian 10.5%, Infinite Ale Works, United States
2 ratings
West Floridian
10.5% Abt / Quadrupel
Infinite Ale Works West Floridian Quad follows tradition by being a dark crimson ale that pours with a nice lingering head. The aroma is sweet with notes of dark fruits, such as plums, raisins and figs. The flavor follows the aroma with a very mild bitterness that complements the rich dark fruit character. It has a medium body a slight creamy character and finished with some residual sweetness.


Post author: Matt P
Matt P
4 years ago
West Floridian, United States
Picked this up by mistake. Thought i was grabbing their coffee stout which looks identical. This was pretty tasty. No booziness in the taste. I got caramel in the nose and flavor. Shared the bottle with a friend so didn't have to down it all myself.

Post author: Zach C
Zach C
6 years ago