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Matt Matt from the Veil Veil 8.0%, Monkish Brewing Company, United States
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Matt Matt from the Veil Veil
8.0% New England DIPA / Hazy Imperial IPA
Named after one of our besties and bae in the brew biz, Matt from The Veil Brewing. It's celebrating Matt "just because" and his love for his phone. It's double dry hopped with his TWO favorite hops: Citra and Enigma. Cheerios, Matt! (Note: this is not one of them tribute beers, it is indeed a collabo with The Veil! It's just a "Matt-less" Veil collabo since we worked on the beer idea and hopping with his team. We even borrowed Veil's artist for the Veil-ish 3D label design and glass design!
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