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Meerts Tilquin à la Roussanne (2021-2022) 5.8%, Gueuzerie Tilquin, Belgium
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Meerts Tilquin à la Roussanne (2021-2022)
5.8% Lambic - Fruited
The Meerts Tilquin series was made by fermenting fruit that had already been used once. Roussanne grapes were fermented for a period of 4 months in a blend of 80% 1 year old Meerts and 20% of a blend of different 2 year old lambics. Meerts (or March Beer) is a low strength lambic, which was originally produced with the weaker wort obtained from the rinsing of the grains. Unfiltered and unpasteurized, they are refermented in the bottle.


Post author: Vamonos Pest
Vamonos Pest
4 months ago