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Caribbean Chocolate Cupcake 5.4%, Siren Craft Brew, England
7 ratings
Caribbean Chocolate Cupcake
5.4% Milk Stout / Sweet Stout
For the first time ever, a Caribbean Chocolate Cupcake! This fun little number takes the ABV down a notch while still aiming to give you the big mouthfeel, indulgent chocolate and rich drinking of the original. In order to achieve this, we’ve built the recipe from the ground up. An addition of Chocolate Rye in the grist is particularly interesting, which layers in milk chocolate mid-notes in contrast to the more dark chocolate vibe you’d ordinarily expect in these beers. The proportion of roast malts were also lowered to promote the soft chocolate profile. We use Madagascan vanilla to bring in the ‘frosting’ element on a cupcake, helped along by wafer notes from the Cypress wood.


Post author: Samuel V
Samuel V
1 month ago

Post author: Sophdelle
6 months ago

Post author: Isma hell
Isma hell
@ Board Games And Beers
6 months ago
Caribbean Chocolate Cupcake, England
Cupcake and chocolate

Post author: Dowson
7 months ago

Post author: Sam K
Sam K
@ Craft Beer Co. Hammersmith
8 months ago
Caribbean Chocolate Cupcake, England
Cost me an arm and a leg, but it is v decent.

Post author: Ting Tong
Ting Tong
@ The Disappearing Chin
8 months ago
Caribbean Chocolate Cupcake, England

Post author: AtomicDucks
@ Siren Craft Brew Tap Room
8 months ago
Caribbean Chocolate Cupcake, England
CCC 23 Tasting Panel Pouring a clear rich black with a very light tan head, this cupcake packs a punch! On the nose complex, with a fresh hoppy character hinting at ripe stone fruit, followed by rich milk chocolate, reminding of a creamy fruity hot chocolate. On the palate a gentle effervescence leads a smooth creamy chocolate character through a central bitterness, which is complimented by indulgent vanilla. This stout is soft fluffy milk chocolate infused with bitter chocolate curls. With its mode rate 5.4% ABV, this stout is full and robust, with a soft spicy backdrop: here cinnamon takes the lead role and rides off into the sunset with vanilla whipped cream. Medium bodied, medium alcohol and heaps of chocolate aromas and flavours, there is so much to this stout, it’s impossible to describe it without drooling uncontrollably. Oh, and before you dismiss this lower ABV CCC baby, this is not a cloyingly sweet generic vanilla chocolate stout you may see around this time of the year – this is the real deal!