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Bitter 7.0%, Tommie Sjef, Netherlands
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7.0% Saison / Farmhouse Ale
Bitter is a blend of a saison and mature beer from older barrels. The saison is made with a good amount of hops. The resulting bitterness works well with the complexity of the older beer, that aged for 2,5 up to 4 years in oak barrels. In the nose you will come across vanilla, dusty cellar and some funk, but also a floral quality — think of lavender and chamomile. The more yeasty character of the saison, with a hint of black pepper, complements the more mature and funky characteristics of the older part of the blend. Taste-wise, you’ll find lemon zest, wood, and interesting herbal notes like sage and terragon. The bright acidity of the wild ale and the firm bitterness of the saison make this a refreshing, yet complex beer. The after taste ends dry, with hints of aromatic apples, like a good calvados.
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