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Project Mayhem 12.2%, Martin House Brewing Company, United States
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Project Mayhem
12.2% Imperial Flavoured Stout / Imperial Pastry Stout
Whiskey barrel-aged peanut butter Golden Imperial Stout aged 3 to 5 months in whiskey barrels. 100% Unblended
IBU: 8
Barrel aged


Post author: Edgeworth
@ Ray's Cave
7 months ago
Project Mayhem, United States
It's Cinco de Mayo but we are out of Mexican beers. So here's another Martin House two beers to a box Special Limited Edition. Great not going to work tomorrow. Pop the can and immediately smell the peanut butter, not much else. Pretty low head and the color is crystal clear reddish orange. First imperial Stout I've ever seen that's clear, but this is a Golden Imperial Stout. Snifter glass reveals the peanut butter, but none of the alcohol that the 12.2% might show. Flavor has an abundance of overly sweet peanut butter. The sugar content is almost stronger than the peanut butter itself. No other flavor is trying to create any balance with this. Even the malt has been overpowered. As the finish arrives, the whiskey barrel alcohol strives to make an appearance but it is relegated to only a side characteristic with a small uninspired tingle. All my anticipation for another spectacular limited edition Martin House, two beers to a box addition, were dashed. All have been fabulous until this one. Too one-sided, too simplistic, too sweet with no balance of additional flavors, openly touted whiskey barrel aging pushed to the background or perhaps just too young. Found it boring. Better than your average beer but far below expectations.