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Honeyberry pie 6.7%, Brew York, England
3 betyg
Honeyberry pie
6.7% Sour IPA / Wild IPA


Post author: Paul G
Paul G
@ UnBarred Brewery & Taproom Brighton
7 months ago
Honeyberry pie, England
A collab with Brew York, I find them to be touch and go, also being a pastry sour it's a risk and enough to put off some people! Ruby coloured and murky yet transparent enough to reveal carbonation. Vanilla is the strongest on the nose followed by sweet cinnamon and honeyberry aka blue honeysuckle. The first sip is always the tester and when it's not very sour it's telling. This brew is tarte but not hugely sour and the pastry element is too forthcoming for me, even though I'm a big fan of cinnamon and not against a bit of vanilla in sours, again vanilla is too impactful in this beer for me. The honeyberry is nice but taken over by the sweeter contributors, in fact it makes your teeth go. It tastes like a Brew York, being dessert level sickly sweetness and pastry heavy. A solo Unbarred Berliner Weiss, Saison sour would be preferable. It's drinkable but I'm sure a fair few people would actively dislike this brew. The flavours aren't artificial so there's a solid pro, and the flavours aren't strong enough to put me off completely or label as obnoxious, that said I won't be having this again.

Post author: Ionemorton
7 months ago

Post author: Stringer B
Stringer B
7 months ago