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Americain Lager 5.0%, Brouwerij 't Verzet, Belgium
2 arviota
Americain Lager
5.0% Pilsner
Once upon a time there were three friends who started a brewery, called Brouwerij 't Verzet. One of them moved to the US. 10 Years later they came back together to make beer again. A decade of individual brewing experience has been brought together in this lager. A dry, bitter, full-bodied pils with a playful balance between the noble hop aromas and the subtle malty flavour.
Maltaat: Lager, Pils


Post author: Johan D
Johan D
9 months ago
Bière légère légèrement amer , Très désaltérant.

Post author: Madame Red
Madame Red
10 months ago
Très douce en bouche