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Blonde Ale 4.5%, State of Brewing, United States
1 ratings
Blonde Ale
4.5% Golden Ale / Blond Ale


Post author: Edgeworth
@ Ray's Cave
2 months ago
Blonde Ale, United States
Beer number 15 on Aldi's Advent Calendar of beers. Hope this is good, can't go too many beers in a row without having a really good one. First one to pour with almost no head. After a few seconds totally no head. Sour aroma with just a touch of citrus. Decent color but no effervescence. Taste is god-awful. Not sure how to describe it. If you were trying to intentionally brew a skanky beer then this would be it. It's bad, real bad. I need to take another sip to try to describe this bad taste but I just can't do it. No description on this flavor, just trust me. You don't want any of this. And I didn't get a bad one. My son-in-law is drinking the same beer and we are in total agreement.