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Peanut Butter Porter 5.5%, State of Brewing, United States
1 ratings
Peanut Butter Porter
5.5% Porter


Post author: Edgeworth
@ Ray's Cave
4 months ago
Peanut Butter Porter, United States
Beer number 12 in Aldi's Advent calendar of beers. I love Porter's so there will be expectations. Moderately high, heavy head. Nice aroma, strong, peanut butter, coffee and malt. Texture is thin and crisp as I would expect with a porter. Flavor is no surprise. Follows the aroma. On first sip it seemed weak in flavor but it seemed to get stronger. Peanut butter, dark malt and mocha chocolate combined with a mild semisweet middle. I also find traces of a confectionery wafer. Finish brings a breath of roastiness and then it all trails off to nothing. This is actually a pretty good beer, could have used a bit more intensity in the flavor. All of the flavors they used combined well and made for a very drinkable and delicious Porter.