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Hefeweizen 5.0%, State of Brewing, United States
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5.0% Hefeweizen
Bavarian style wheat beer


Post author: Edgeworth
@ Ray's Cave
1 year ago
Hefeweizen, United States
First beer on the 24 pack Aldi Swill Advent Calendar. Don't think I've ever had a beer 24 days in a row so this should be interesting. Son-in-law and I are going to Duo all of them. Nice, full head. Clear pale yellow, not what you would expect from a hefeweizen. Light smooth texture. Low in flavor. Flavor is more of a lager with a distinct corn appearing in the middle. Finish bring some unpleasant bitterness, both tart and sour. It's not a terrible beer but there's really nothing very good to say about it. A below average beer.