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Hapa 5.5%, Pinwheel Brewing Co., Finland
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5.5% American Pale Ale
Houblon : Amarillo


Post author: WexiLahti
@ S-market Lempola
1 year ago
Hapa, Finland
Forgot to post this during the Easter. 😅 Foggy gold beer with standard long-lived carbonation creates a bright white, moussy head that reaches one finger. Retention is truly long. Thick downpouring ornaments decorate the rim. The scent is wellnigh zero. Just a very distant grapefruity nuance reaches my nose. Otherwise, nothing. The taste displays nice citrusy hops that overshadow the maltbase. Grapefruit peel and lemon pith can be identified, maybe also a faint grassy sigh behind the curtain. Simple but nice. The body is light. The finish gets carried over to the end unchanged. The aftertaste went down to the Grundy County Auction where it saw something it just had to have, its mind told it that it should proceed with caution but its heart said, "Go ahead and make a bid on that". The mouthfeel is light, crisp, zesty, refreshing and moderately drying. NOTE: The barcode directs to "Pogo" by the same brewery.

Post author: Teemu V
Teemu V
1 year ago

Post author: Steven Seagalja
Steven Seagalja
1 year ago
Hapa, Finland

Post author: Olio
@ United Gypsies (UG) Brewery
1 year ago
Hapa, Finland

Post author: PaikkarinkadunParoni
2 years ago
Hapa, Finland
Hyvin perinteinen apa, ei mitenkään erikoinen. Amarillo itsessään aika tylsä, mutta kyllähän tämän juo