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umibōzu 9.3%, Tartarus Beers, England
2 ratings
9.3% Grodziskie / Gose / Lichtenhainer
Squid ink, seaweed and yuzu imperial gose


Post author: Jacob R
Jacob R
@ House Of The Trembling Madness, Lendl, York
3 days ago
umibōzu, England
Scary. Ha - eyes. Green. Blue. Black. Sweet yuzu. Spice. Salt. Earth. Sour Bitter. Scary.

Post author: Mr_Moo91x
@ The House of Trembling Madness
3 months ago
umibōzu, England
SQUID INK, SEAWEED AND YUZU 😮 I asked a forum for suggestions of unusual beers..... The forum suggested this. Now, I'm at over 1000 beers and this IS the most unusual so far. It pours black 🖤 with a blue tinge. Flavour wise it's very difficult to describe as I have never had such a bizarre combination of flavours on my palate at once if at all? But I would say it's a zesty, Herby peppery flavour with almost a musky pungent flavour which I don't even know how to explain which is surprisingly moreish? All in all. What the absolute hell is this beer 😆 it's amazing though