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Tartarus Beers
19 ratings
Tartarus Beers

West Yorkshire

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Post author: Mr_Moo91x
@ The House of Trembling Madness
28 days ago
SQUID INK, SEAWEED AND YUZU 😮 I asked a forum for suggestions of unusual beers..... The forum suggested this. Now, I'm at over 1000 beers and this IS the most unusual so far. It pours black 🖤 with a blue tinge. Flavour wise it's very difficult to describe as I have never had such a bizarre combination of flavours on my palate at once if at all? But I would say it's a zesty, Herby peppery flavour with almost a musky pungent flavour which I don't even know how to explain which is surprisingly moreish? All in all. What the absolute hell is this beer 😆 it's amazing though

Post author: Stephen M
Stephen M
@ Steve's Place
1 month ago

Post author: Msk_ldn
2 months ago
Smells like a port, smooth to drink and brutally alcohol. A must if you get the chance

Post author: Ting Tong
Ting Tong
@ Green Dragon Tap and Bottle Shop, Whitby
2 months ago

Post author: Buss A
Buss A
@ The Epicurean
4 months ago

Post author: Paron1
@ De BierTonne
5 months ago
Tyylilleen uskollinen ja hyvin pantu. Brittityyliset bw:t omaan makuun aina liian makeita eikä tämäkään poikkeus. Hyvin leffan aikana hiljakseen juotava.

Post author: James Š
James Š
@ Brewser
5 months ago
Nice beer, reminded me of my first home brew stout, but just a little bit better! Roastiness is mellow and the chocolate and coffee notes are more prominent. Nice big body.

Post author: James Š
James Š
@ Brewser
5 months ago
After the first Tartarus beer I was on a roll and thought I’d go for something challenging. This was unfortunately a bit too far. Flavours that I’m normally ok with but not with such intensity. Maple and vanilla were just too overpowering. Combine that with the big booziness and it wasn’t much enjoyable. The sickly sweet aftertaste was the icing on the cake. I have a few more of their beers to try yet, no more pastry stouts though, so happy with that!