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Java The Hutt 12.3%, 903 Brewers, United States
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Java The Hutt
12.3% Imperial Flavoured Stout / Imperial Pastry Stout
Imperial Rye Stout aged on coffee beans


Post author: Edgeworth
@ Allen's Cave
1 year ago
Java The Hutt, United States
At my son's house having already started a huge day of football. As you can see, I saved this Texas beer for him because he's a huge Star Wars fan. It's been in the can about a year so this should add an extra mystique to the flavor. Almost no head. Strong alcohol aroma. Distinctly not bourbon but rye whiskey. Totally different. Brings a sweet dark fruit, a black cherry quality. Also has some roasted coffee. Swirls in the glass at a consistency less than a 12.7% stout normally has. Heavy mouthfeel, not syrupy. Taste brings the alcohol, quickly delivers a light burn on the tongue and warmth through to the stomach. Intense bittersweet chocolate combines with the still present black cherry with a roasted malty coffee following. Finish doesn't last as long as most heavy stouts. Mellows down to a liquor type coffee with a continuing but regressing alcohol remaining. Shortly after it disappears. I like to this beer very much but it seems like the alcohol was too dominant over the other flavors. The dark fruit with chocolate and coffee notes were very well balanced but seemed to be pushed aside buy a very enticing alcohol. The year it spent in the can may have contributed to the alcohol surpassing the original ratio to the flavor which may be my fault. But I still enjoyed the beer very much.