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Social Dose 10.0%, Cushwa Brewing Co., United States
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Social Dose
10.0% New England Triple IPA


Post author: Setä Samuli
Setä Samuli
1 year ago

Post author: Tero M
Tero M
@ Zinc Craft Bar
1 year ago
Social Dose, United States
Pehmeä ja hedelmäinen,nätisti balanssis. Maussa ananasta,sitrusta ja appelsiinia. Rakenne olis voinu ollu monisäikeämpi,mutta ihan jees näinki

Post author: WexiLahti
@ Pien Shop & Bar
1 year ago
Social Dose, United States
Cloudy orange beer builds a silky, off-white bread that elevates up to two fingers. Retention is longer than in beer #1. A faint fog floats on the surface after some time. The fragrance... Wow! ... is ripe. And canned fruity! Is this marmalade? I can find orange jam, soft mushy mango, nectarine and a smaller amount of strawberry. Quite a mess! The taste is still substantially ripe fruity: bowls of orange jam with bits of sugared peel, sweet nectarine, kiwifruit, even a pinch of banana. Alcohol is absent although I spot a remote tangy sensation that I associate with the relatively high ABV. Difficult to get a hold of the overall direction though. The body is full. The finish gears more into a tangy side, revealing hence the big ABV. Still, the cocktail is canned fruity, definitely not fresh fruity. When the aftertaste doses, it can do anything, when it doses, it can do nothing. The mouthfeel is full, medium-thick, juicy, a tad jam-like and lip-glueing. It's also moderately crisp, equality marginally dry and drying to a minor extent. Unfortunately also a messy #summerbeer22.

Post author: Beer't
@ Beer Temple
1 year ago
Social Dose, United States
Forte et très houblonnée.

Post author: Arnaud
@ Beer Temple
1 year ago
Social Dose, United States
Une tuerie cette bière que c'est bon après elle tape bien .