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Cushwa Brewing Co.
112 ratings
Cushwa Brewing Co.
United States

Maryland Brewery

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Post author: Mr X
Mr X
@ The Loft at the Iron Abbey
23 days ago
This has a toffee taste that really leans towards butterscotch. I really wasn’t expecting that. Sweet (surprise). The butterscotch does fade a bit when you get further in. Overall it’s mainly one sided and not complex. I like butterscotch so it is good to me. If you don’t, I doubt you will like it. Not really a typical scotch ale but I liked it

Post author: Tero M
Tero M
@ Zinc Craft Bar
2 months ago
Pehmeä ja hedelmäinen,nätisti balanssis. Maussa ananasta,sitrusta ja appelsiinia. Rakenne olis voinu ollu monisäikeämpi,mutta ihan jees näinki

Post author: BeerEtienne
@ La Brasserie
2 months ago
Pas mal du tout celle là !

Post author: orson
@ Ales & Brews
3 months ago
Smooth, sweet, dank, heavy and juicy mouthfeel. Taste: Orange, pine and citrus. Aftertaste is dry and smooth. This is bit too heavy and hops are not fresh anymore. Bit too old hazy beer.

Post author: Igunator
@ Hops & Hopes
3 months ago
Mukavan tasapainoinen neipa Ameriikoista. Tuoksu on varsin hedelmäinen, ananasta ja persikkaa. Maussa iskee ensimmäisenä tymäkkä humalointi mutta hedelmäinen runko pysyy hyvin mukana ja katkerot ei mene överiksi. Jälkimaku on ensin katkera mutta makeutuu loppua kohden.