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Nath 2022 5.5%, Brasserie Cantillon, Belgium
4 ratings
Nath 2022
5.5% Lambic - Fruited


Post author: Amsar
@ Sur Mesure
4 months ago
Nath 2022, Belgium

Post author: Arnaud
@ BXL Beer Fest 2023
7 months ago
Nath 2022, Belgium
Pour redémarrer la journée après l' after à la Senne.

Post author: Olutmasteri
9 months ago

Post author: WexiLahti
@ Moeder Lambic Fontainas
2 years ago
Nath 2022, Belgium
Great weather in Brussels. Lots of people going out. Great atmosphere. ☀️👍🏻🍺 This "Nath" is 2022 vintage. From tap. Pours foggy, deep papaya mash hued. Beautiful. Tame carbonation produces a minuscule-bubbled head with a very faint orange tint and height of one finger. Retention is long, I admire the ice-creamy float on the top. The scent is relatively sour juicy: rhubarb and winter apple are evident. I can also detect a little pinch of green grape among the olfactory components. Interestingly, the fragrance points rather at a Sour Ale than Lambic but it may well be the young age. The tongue loves the sour and somewhat untamed, even raw slam of rhubarb juice that is nicely escorted by very sour apple, pear, gooseberry and orange zest. The maltbill is difficult to analyze but I find at least a small amendment of wheat malt. Wild yeast is surprisingly shy. The young age must be, indeed, the reason for this being close to a good Fruited Sour Ale rather than Lambic. Needs certainly aging, I'm still glad I have a chance to sip this very young. Now I know. The body is light-medium to medium. Interestingly "not thin". The finish offers rhubarb, apple, pear and orange zest. Like earlier. The end keeps the tastebuds busy for long. The mouthfeel is truly tart, puckering, juicy, zesty and only slightly funky. This is almost not at all vinous but I would still say that there is something Belgiany here. Or maybe it's the surroundings...