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Long Beach On The Map 4.5%, Siren Craft Brew, England
3 ratings
Long Beach On The Map
4.5% American Pale Ale


Post author: Timmay B
Timmay B
@ Siren Craft Brew Tap Room
3 months ago
Long Beach On The Map, England
Very crisp and piney, but with a decent balance, one of those that has a touch of syrup citrus sweetness at the front leading into the dry bitterness on the back end. This brewery has a great track record across the board and can only think of one beer I didn't like and it was actually an Oat Wine anyway! I enjoyed it and would have it again. Westy lovers would lap this up I think.

Post author: Jacob Warren
Jacob Warren
3 months ago
Long Beach On The Map, England
Not too bad, quite bitter, maybe slightly too much for me but it could be the grapefruit that’s coming through, pine and pineapple come in to play aswell, I think the bitterness is just a bit too much for me though.

Post author: Valtteri H
Valtteri H
@ Billie's Bier Kafétaria
5 months ago