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Where The Wild Hops Are 6.5%, Dogfish Head Brewery, United States
1 ratings
Where The Wild Hops Are
6.5% India Pale Ale
This unfiltered, rustic IPA is brewed with four wild-derived hop varieties that include Zappa, Amarillo, Comet and Sabro. It’s then blended with a touch of barrel-aged wild ale that’s been aged for four years in French Oak barrels.


Post author: Mr X
Mr X
@ Beer Etc
9 months ago
Where The Wild Hops Are, United States
Happy Mother’s Day to all you mom’s out there. This is definitely a unique IPA. I added the description I found to the beer profile for this as it is quite unique in how it is brewed. I get mainly an earthy herbal hops taste with some light fruit that leans towards white grapes & pear. There is also a very light tartness to it that I’m assuming is coming from the wild ale aspect. Overall it is just different. I could see some loving it and some not. I have had a crazy weekend but finally get to relax now. It’s also been rainy, windy, cold and just plain miserable all weekend. It’s nice to get to watch tv with some rugby, football, baseball, hockey & basketball (great time of year). I’m flipping thru the games but love the rugby (even tho I don’t truly understand all the rules). I’m keeping that on one of the tv’s.