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Turns 11.0%, Siren Craft Brew, England
3 arviota
11.0% Imperial Stout


Post author: Jacob Warren
Jacob Warren
1 year ago
Turns, England
I’ve rated at 2.5 to be fair here, the alcohol is just too strong for me but 11% I understand should be quite strong, i tipped it down the sink because it is just too uncomfortable to drink but I actually really loved the flavour, chocolate and toffee being very dominant.

Post author: Chris O
Chris O
2 years ago
Do not operate heavy machinery after drinking a pint of this. Or any form of machinery for that matter. Imperial at its best. Sweet and strong with excellent depth in flavour.

Post author: Lasis
@ Kihøskh
2 years ago
Turns, England
Mustaa. Runsaat beiget vaahdot. Tuoksu sitruksinen. Maku suklainen(BB7/11/23 Hyvä olut.