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The Holy Hermit 8.5%, Moonraker Brewing Co., United States
1 ratings
The Holy Hermit
8.5% New England DIPA / Hazy Imperial IPA
NE DIPA - This mega juicy DIPA gets blasted with huge amounts of Citra and Amarillo hops that get layered over a bed of Golden Promis malt. Tons of mango, peach, papaya and floral hop flavors with a light/sweet graham cracker malt character.


Post author: Grey
@ Beergium Webshop
2 years ago
The Holy Hermit, United States
From Auburn, CA, USA arrives Moonraker. Established in 2016 and been one hyped brewery ever since. BEER: The Holy Hermit BREWERY: Moonraker Brewing Co. BEER STYLE: NEDIPA COUNTRY: USA ABV.: 8.5% COLOUR (EBC): Orange Juice Yellow (13.0) BITTERS (EBU/IBU): 70.0 AROMA: Yummy. My spider senses tells me that there’s a solid fruit basket somewhere around my house. HEAD: One finger tall, quite swift to disappear. GREY’S VIEW Citra & Amarillo hopped NEDIPA. I get lemoncandied oatmeal, some mushy pineapples, fresh oranges and hints of grass too. Mouthfeel is soft and juicy, with only that grassyness bringing some kick to this. Body lingers around medium-. It turns bit more dank as it grows up, while aftertaste offers raw cantaloupe, honeydew and the tiniest pinch from grapefruit juice. Let it warm up and be brave with the pour so it opens up even more. OTHER NOTES: Moonraker = The sail at the very top of the mast. (= Kuupurje suom.) Juicy piece! Delightfully hazy in taste with the feel of oatmeal being so clear. Honeydew and cantaloupe at the end brings it down a notch to me. CANNED 9/11/2021 TASTED 10/1/2022