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Big Daddy 16.0%, Brouwerij Dutch Bargain, Netherlands
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Big Daddy
16.0% Imperial Stout


Post author: WexiLahti
@ Beerdome
2 years ago
Big Daddy, Netherlands
Muddy, deep dark brown beer with popping carbonation produces a big-bubbled, tawny head that elevates up to one finger's yardstick. The foamy lid melts quickly to a gossamer lace ring orbiting the surface and soon thereafter flat still. The scent dances gently but impressively to the nose: hefty butterscotch, a generous amount of vanilla and brown sugar show the footsteps to follow. Bowls of cacao nibs, aniseed and fennel give further nuances to the olfactory spectacle. Date is not be forgotten either. The overall delivery is ample and balmy. 🖤🤎🖤 Anise, licorice and Bourbon open the whole array of abundant flavors to be enjoyed. The cocktail offers also loads of date, toffee, caramel fudge, brown sugar and vanilla that almost seal the deal. Coarse but soaked oak barrel aromas still want to get squeezed to the package. Alcohol stays interestingly in the shadows but clings a ticklish sensation to the lips. The profile changes from pinchy to soft and mellow and, finally, to alcoholic. Layers are clearly on the tray, not overly complex though. The body is robust but not enormous. I've experienced bigger bodies. Licorice and anise start the final round with arrogant expectations. Alcohol is copious and a tad chemical. Complexity is smashed severely to a rather straightforward tube with one entrance and one exit. The mouthfeel is intense, full, a bit alcoholic, edgy and warming. It's also barrel aged but still relatively smooth as well as lip-glueing. The beer serves layers but the complexity is not its strongest link.

Post author: Fred D
Fred D
@ Beer Republic | Bangkok
2 years ago
Big Daddy, Netherlands
La bière la plus forte bu 16% . Mais bizarrement je ne le sent pas trop mais pas trop à mon goût quand