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Jockamo Juicy IPA 6.0%, Abita Brewing Company, United States
4 ratings
Jockamo Juicy IPA
6.0% New England IPA / Hazy IPA
As bright & colorful as the feathered, sequined & beaded Mardi Gras Indian mask of the past & present, Jockamo® Juicy IPA is Double Dry Hopped to produce an India Pale Ale with intense hop flavors & aromas bold enough to lead the parade. When you hear the drums, join in the song Iko Iko Jockamo fe na ne.
IBU: 40
Hops: Apollo, Citra
Malts: Oat, Pale, Wheat


Post author: Jiimies
@ VooDoo Mart
4 months ago
Jockamo Juicy IPA, United States
After ride shower -bisse kehiin päivän 50 km sinkuloinnin päälle! Mahtavan sitruksinen humalan tuoksu. Maussa hienosti mehuisaa hedelmää sitruksen, mangon, ananaksen ja pasaion muodossa. Runko mukavan raikas. Jälkimaku hedelmäisen makea.

Post author: Edgeworth
@ Ray's Cave
1 year ago
Jockamo Juicy IPA, United States
Found this today at a local grocery store where I can buy singles. Last place in my area and selection is limited. Short head, totally white but it is lasting. Extremely hazy light yellow color, no particulates. Citrus fruit aroma, a blend without anything taking command. Medium texture, actually has body as though the haze gives it a somewhat slushy feel. Citrus flavor immediately delivers some bitterness which quickly subsides. This punch of American domestic citrus flavors combines orange, lemon, with a touch of grapefruit acidic bitterness. Continues this slushy feel through the finish without change. I love Abita. but this isn't working for me. The citrus flavors are undistinguished, the bitterness is not combining with the overall citrus profile. In fact, it encases the tongue with a film of low level bitterness that prohibits any other flavor from being identified. I would have no problem drinking this beer with a meal or a snack but as a standalone flavor, or just to sit back and enjoy a beer, never. An excellent enhancement to a meal but not capable of being the primary experience.

Post author: Mummypapp A
Mummypapp A
@ Fatijärvi
2 years ago
Jockamo Juicy IPA, United States
Raikas ja maukas, hyvää ameriikasta

Post author: Sorensen E
Sorensen E
3 years ago