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Qilin 4.5%, Tartarus Beers, England
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4.5% New England IPA / Hazy IPA


Post author: Jamie K
Jamie K
@ James' House
3 years ago
Qilin, England
Advent Calendar 2021 Beer 16 What the Christmas Shit Fuckery is this!?!?! It’s a NEIPA, what’s it doing looking that colour? I was scared/confused I then read the ingredients-Butterfly Pea Flower, which I’m guessing is where the colour comes from, so now I’m intrigued; Smells fruity like a NEIPA, and yea has all the flavours and characteristics of a NEIPA. Never had Butterfly Pea Flower before so don’t recognise the flavour so for me it’s only contribution is the colour. Just looked it up and apparently it’s flavours are floral and mildly sweet, so much as you’d expect from a NEIPA anyway. Well that aside it’s a good beer, a brewery and flower l I’ve not heard of before.