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Walk among us 6.5%, Black Iris Brewery, England
4 ratings
Walk among us
6.5% New England IPA / Hazy IPA


Post author: Lee W
Lee W
@ Black Iris brewery
1 year ago
What a stonker of a beer! Absolutely love this. Really fruity but dry making you want more. Orangey, grapefruit slightly tropical notes. Smells and tastes like a DDH style but I bloody love this. Get it if you can.

Post author: Darren W
Darren W
2 years ago
Walk among us, England
Now this is a proper NEIPA. It’s got a. I’ve chunky marmalade look to it and smells hopped to f**k. Lots of mango, passionate fruit and fleshly blood orange after a smooth mouthfeel makes this a bloody good beer! 👏

Post author: Tommo21
3 years ago
Totally agree with uncle Ratch below. Tell them again Champ!

Post author: Mrratch
3 years ago
Walk among us, England
Day 9 advent. WS expecting big things from this, but it’s actually pretty meh. Drinkable but not nothing special.