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Evil Julius 9.2%, Tree House Brewing Company, United States
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Evil Julius
9.2% Imperial IPA / Double IPA
Evil Julius is a dastardly rendition of Julius brewed to push the concept of the Julius family into diabolically delicious territory. Featuring a high mash temperature, additional sweet malts, and an enormous load of our arduously selected blend of hops throughout the brewing process, including in the brite tank, it blurs the line between beer and juice like no other. We invite you to enjoy this once-a-year treat as you carve pumpkins and ward off evil spirits!


Post author: Grey
@ Tree House Brewing Company
2 years ago
Evil Julius, United States
🎃 Halloween Julius from Tree House 🎃 BEER: Evil Julius BREWERY: Tree House Brewing Co. BEER STYLE: DIPA COUNTRY: USA ABV.: 9.2% COLOUR (EBC): Mango Juice Yellow (12.0) BITTERS (EBU/IBU): - AROMA: Sweet and soft mango-pineapple purée, grains and hints from grass. HEAD: Creamy and plentiful. Builds up strong, webby lacing. GREY’S VIEW Diabolical version of the Julius IPA. Taste has soft mango, some ripe pineapple peels, oranges and squeeze from peach. Hops works well and they bring growing amount of pine and shy whispers of bitter as the taste evolves. Nice. It has pineneedle and resiny backend with pleasant sweetness from the malts. Mouthfeel is medium+ with somewhat juicy and creamy-ish being. Dry hops works well as they give room to actual taste before kickin’ in. OTHER NOTES: This has wide variety of stuff going on. Fruity juice start is pleasant as are the dryhops and the woody-resiny backend. And you can actually even taste that all, without too much creaminess around. CANNED 27/10/2021 TASTED 1/12/2021