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Swiss Federal Stout 2020 10.6%, Hoppy People, Switzerland
1 arviota
Swiss Federal Stout 2020
10.6% Imperial Stout


Post author: WexiLahti
3 years ago
Swiss Federal Stout 2020, Switzerland
Flight 4/4. Opaque, oily black beer with a tan, velvety head that barely covers the top and retreats quickly to the sidelines. Dark chocolate and cacao nibs emanate to my nostrils. I can also detect a coffeeish twist among the components. I wonder if the coffee is slightly roasted. The tongue likes massive raw chocolate and bags of cacao nibs. The taste identity is roasted but not burned. Additionally, I find a bit of licorice, oat flakes and proposal of tobacco. Nice combo as a matter of fact. The body is full but not overwhelmingly so. The finish is similar to the earlier experience. Lingers long in the mouth. The mouthfeel is intense, full, a bit roasty, sticky and mouthcoating. Now we are talking!