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Punkel 5.5%, Lakewood Brewing Company, United States
2 Bewertungen
5.5% Spiced Beer
Is there a better fall treat than pumpkin pie? Nope, which is why there are so many pumpkin beers out there. It's also why ours is based on the dessert, not the gourd. Our twist: Punkel has no pumpkin. It's a dark, malty German lager but with a lighter body enhanced by cinnamon, allspice, nutmeg, and ginger. Because who doesn't like a little trick with their treat? It's the perfect session beer for those fleeting cool Texas days spent watching the grackles fly south to their favorite grocery store parking lots.
IBU: 23


Post author: Bierbert
@ Lakewood Brewing
3 months ago
Punkel, United States
Dritter Taster im Flight bei Lakewood 🇺🇸 ist das Punkel, ein dunkelbraunes Spiced Dunkel mit 5,5% ABV. Im Nosing gibt es dezente Anflüge von Kürbis mit etwas Pumpernickel und Karamellmalz. Am Gaumen zeigt sich das Punkel solide malzig und mit einer Halloween-inspirierten Wurzigkeit (Kürbis, Anis), die durchaus zu gefallen weiß.

Post author: Edgeworth
@ Whiskey River Ranch
2 years ago
Punkel, United States
At Whiskey River Ranch enjoying sharing some beers with family. Very high, very frothy head. Tan, lasting a long time. Color is clear but extremely dark red amber. Smells of cinnamon spice and nutmeg. Texture is very smooth and creamy. Comes across as earthy, strong flavor of cinnamon spice and nutmeg is still there. Easy drinking and transitions into a quickly disappearing finish. Light bitterness at the tail end. Delicious and could drink a lot of these.